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ENERGY healing

Energy healing sessions include an intuitive reading, energy balancing, grounding after treatment, and tips on how to continue the healing process. We customize the tools in each session to work best with your unique healing story. Reiki, crystal therapy, qigong, integrative chakra therapy are some of the methods we may incorporate.


Spring Forest Qigong is an active meditation practice to enhance the flow of energy and bring balance to the body. Join a group class or enjoy private instruction.

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Sacred Prana offers The Healing Circle (a monthly women’s gathering), workshops and other classes in Golden and Revelstoke, BC, and Canmore, AB. See here for an updated event listing.

Gentle healing has made profound changes in my life.
— Celeste, a Sacred Prana client

Prana (pra·na /pränə): life force or vital energy. 

The human energy system is in delicate balance; imbalances in energy flow can cause physical or emotional pain, illness, and affect mental and spiritual well being. Sacred Prana works with you in safe and effective ways to balance and enhance energy in body, mind, and spirit.

Everything, including the things we can and cannot see, is composed of dynamic relationships of energy. Your body, your mind, emotions and spirit are all just different forms of energy.  Our thoughts, feelings and emotions each have their own energy frequency and vibration. 'Negative' or low vibrational energy can cause damage to the physical body over time. Conversely, 'positive' or higher vibrational energy from balanced emotions and thoughts can help to heal and strengthen the body.

Our goal is to return you to your optimal health and wellness. Everyone is born with the innate capability to heal themselves completely; sometimes we just need a little help and guidance. Sacred Prana will assist you in discovering your healing potential.

Energy healing is the one of the most powerful and effective therapies used in alternative medicine and holistic health. It has the capacity to affect the patient on all levels of consciousness: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Full healing is available when all of these levels are addressed.

Prana, also known as Qi, Ki or Chi, flows throughout the body along energy channels (meridians or nadis) and is concentrated in centres located along the spine (chakras). Trauma, stresses and other issues can cause an imbalance in energy within the chakras or a disturbance in energy flow. Over time this leads to illness and other health issues. 

Sacred Prana uses intuitive energy reading methods to complete an assessment of the patient’s energy system, including energy quality, balance and flow. The spiritual energy healer then uses the appropriate healing methods and techniques to gently and effectively, activate and rebalance the energy within the chakra centres and energy flow on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). 


"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well." ― Hippocrates

Surrounding the physical body of every person is what is called the 'human energy field' or 'subtle energy body'. This is known more commonly as the aura. There are many different layers in the subtle energy body, related to different levels of consciousness. It can be measured as electromagnetic force fields within and around all living creatures. 

Chakras are the seven main energy centres, or vortexes, in the subtle energy field where the mind and body meet. These energy vortexes connect the different dimensions of a human being (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical). Chakras regulate the flow of life-force energy (prana, chi, ki, qi) between the physical and higher dimensions. The chakras are vertically aligned with the spine, each representing a different set of body organs and systems, personality traits and emotional state. 

The Shushumna is the energy pathway which connects all of the chakras and runs up and down the spine. Energy also travels along other channels within the physical body and subtle energy body (nadis and meridians). Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine work along the principles of energy centres and meridians.

Energy balance between the chakras and within each of the chakras is imperative for optimal health and wellbeing. Ill health is the body’s way of telling us that energy is not flowing smoothly or in balance within the energy system. When the energy systems are disrupted or the flow of energy is impeded, ill health with eventually result.

The chakra system is changing continually in response to the stresses of everyday life. When the body is placed under stress, the chakras may become depleted, or flow in the energy system becomes disrupted. For example, if you have lost a loved one and become very sad, this will affect the chakras associated with the heart and the mind. You may even feel the physical pain within those areas of the body. This may cause the heart chakra to become depleted in energy and excessive energy to be sent to the mind. In turn, you may have less physical energy and be more tired, and yet with the overactive mind may make it difficult to relax and sleep at night. Balancing the chakras involved would increase energy flow within the depleted chakras and decrease energy flow through the overactive ones. More energy directed to your throat chakra, for example, would allow for you to find ways to express yourself and relieve yourself of some of the grief.

Over each person’s life, our experiences shape us into who we become. Stressful experiences can have long lasting negative effects on the energy system. If our energy systems are disrupted for long periods of time, this will lead to ill health. In other words, illness, pain or other ailments are our body’s way of telling us that our energy system is out of balance. If these initial indications are ignored, the symptoms will progress until we are at a point where we are forced to pay attention. 

By working on the chakra system, a spiritual energy healer is able to rebalance the energy within the chakra centres and energy flow on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). This allows for healing to occur not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. This is the only way to become completely healed.

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