We all have the innate ability to be fully and completely healed.

Sacred Prana was born out of a personal journey toward health and well being. My journey toward energy healing and Qigong has been truly empowering. I discovered meditation and yoga over 20 years ago when I didn’t even realize I was looking for a way to find serenity in a world of apparent chaos. I have studied and practiced many different modalities over the years to find that peacefulness within. I have travelled to many places to find that place of zen, the deserts, the mountains, the cliffs, the oceans, India, Maui, Costa Rica, Mexico, Egypt and the list goes on. But what I have come to realize is that the peacefulness comes from within. In a world of busy-ness, I have learned to find the eye of the storm – the place of calmness no matter what the chaos is that surrounds. It has taken many years of searching, learning and training to reach this point, but for this journey I am truly grateful.

Life has not been an easy journey, however it is through challenging experiences, the loss of loved ones, personal hardships and physical injuries that I found myself directed to this spiritual path. After spending some time at the Yasodhara Ashram (in beautiful Crawford Bay, BC) and completing the Life Seals program, my life’s purpose was revealed to me. It was simple: I was reincarnated in this lifetime to reach out and help others. I was born to be a healer. I knew I had always been sensitive to other people’s emotions and energies, but what was it that I could do to help people, really?

At a time when I most needed it, I was lead to Dr. Richard Jelusich, and curiosity had me signing up for a weekend of his Spiritual Healers Training for the Whole Human Being (Integrative Chakra Therapy®) course. Over the two-year duration of the course I learned how I could help others. Spiritual Energy Healing is the most powerful type of energy healing I know of. It encompasses the full realm of energy medicine including intuitive soul reading, chakra and aura reading, energy healing, chakra alignment and balancing, emotional release, distance healing, mediumship and the list goes on. I have personally felt the effects of this energy work on myself and have seen others have powerful shifts in their bodies and their lives. It constantly amazes me how effective these simple and gentle techniques make positive changes in peoples lives. It is so gratifying to see those who have come to me when all else has failed, and to hear how even one energy healing session with me has made a profound difference.

In 2014, I had an accident which left me with a concussion. A “mild brain injury” that put me out of commission for… well, pretty much anything that I would have considered living. This lead me to intensify my meditation practice, as it was one of the only things I “could” do. Eventually I learned how to get into a meditative state quickly and within a 20-30 minute meditation I could completely get rid of all of my symptoms. Amazing! I was also introduced to medical Qigong, specifically Spring Forest Qigong, a simple practice of self-healing active meditation. Through this practice I have seen accelerated recovery from the brain injury, which no other medical intervention could provide. I have also been trained to use Qigong methods to target specific health issues on treating others and have seen incredible results with these energy healing methods.

I am truly grateful to all of those teachers who have lead me in this direction. Those who have deeply impacted my life include: Alexandria Grice, Dr. Richard Jelusich, Munira Jiwa, Master Chunyi Lin, Swami Lalitananda, Mahaliya Michael.

The journey continues with ongoing learning, growth and evolution. I am currently training to become a Reiki master, which is a wonderful complement to the Spiritual Energy Healing (Integrative Chakra Therapy®)and Qigong healing methods. And most recently I have been working with crystals and gems to help with healing and balancing energy in the body. My desire is to share the knowledge I have with you and assist you along your healing path. We all have the innate capacity to be fully and completely healed; sometimes we just need a little help!

— Randa

Training & experience

Integrative Chakra Therapy® (formerly Spiritual Energy Healing for the Whole Human Being)  2-year training course and 6 years experiential practice
Spring Forest Qigong – Levels 1, 2,  3 and 4
Reiki Levels I, II and Master - training in progress
Crystal Therapy - training in progress
Brain-Bliss Sound Healing and Vocal Toning coaching and course
Karma Yoga program at Yashodhara Ashram, including LifeSeals course
5-Rhythms (meditation moves) courses and workshops
20-years practicing yoga (hatha, moksha)
Ongoing self-study in Qigong, energy healing, crystal energy and meditation

"We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Sacred Prana logo was designed to encompass the following symbols which have deep meaning for me:

The ankh - the Egyptian symbol for eternal life. It takes centre stage within the logo. With my Egyptian heritage I have always been drawn to this symbol, as it is depicted in ancient Egyptian art and symbology and frequently appears in connection with hieroglyphics meaning ‘strength’ and ‘health’.

The lotus flower – this symbol stands for a variety of meanings: rebirth, purity, beauty, prosperity and spiritual awakening. Commonly found in Egyptian, Buddhist and Hindu cultures.

Fire and movement – the petals of the lotus flower are shaped to appear as though they are moving and in the shape of flickering flames. Fire is one of the four main elements:  depicting energy and passion. As a Leo, I identify with the fire element, which is also described as being a ‘Spirit in Motion.’

Colours – the colours from left to right represent the seven colours of the chakras from root to crown. The centre of the chakra system is governed by the heart, the colour green, which is shown centre stage as the ankh symbol.

Thank you Sarah Jane Osadetz for your talents in working with me on designing this logo!