"I was born a healer. You were born a healer too!"  — Master Lin

Qigong (pronounced "chee gong") is a highly effective health care practice, and is becoming more widely known in the western world as an important for of alternative complementary medicine. Qigong is one of the cornerstones of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the same principles of acupuncture, but without the needles. The idea behind it is to balance the energy in the body. When energy is out of balance, that is when we get ill.

Medical Qigong is used to treat and prevent health issues from developing in the first place including: anxiety, pain, digestive issues, depression, reproductive issues, sleep disorders, chronic conditions, illness and disease.


Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) is a moving meditation practice which can be tailored to help treat your specific ailments. Randa teaches the practice in a group setting (see below) and as one-on-one sessions. The movements are gentle, and the wonderful thing about it is that they can be easily adapted to anyone, no matter physical ability or age. This style of Qigong is very simple to learn and yet very powerful. 

Qigong one-on-one personalization sessions are offered as energy balancing for the whole body or as a targeted healing option for specific ailments. The initial session includes an in depth look at your health concerns along with an assessment, consultation and practice of some of the movements. Follow up sessions will include a personalized at home program and practice of these movements, and further adjustment to the at home program as progress is achieved. All sessions can be done in person or from a distance (Skype, FaceTime or phone).

spring forest qigong - the practice

SFQ is a simple, efficient, and effective method for helping you experience your optimal health, wellness, and happiness; helping you heal physical and emotional pain; and helping you enhance the quality of your life and the lives of others.

The goal of SFQ is to enhance the quality of your life by teaching you ways to open your energy channels and maintain balance. Remove the imbalance, and you remove the pain.

The SFQ method is simple and easy to learn. It comprises four parts that all work together:
 - Breathing
 - Gentle Movements
 - Mental Focus
 - Sound

SFQ can be done standing, seated, or lying down, which means it is accessible to anyone and everyone! No experience is needed for any of the practice sessions.

Sacred Prana will be offering weekly Spring Forest Qigong practice sessions in Golden. 

Qigong Practice Sessions (TBA - next sessions will be announced for the Fall of 2019)

As always - the classes are open to everyone! Beginners and experienced alike will benefit from this simple, yet powerful, moving meditation practice. All movement can be done seated, standing or lying down. Chairs will be provided. For the weekly classes staring in November, I ask that you bring your own cushion, blanket or mat (whatever your preference is!).

Please arrive a few minutes early if you have not been to a class before for an introduction prior to class.


spring forest qigong - active exercises

Five Elements Healing Movements. The following are the exercises related to the Five Elements, adding in the emotional aspect:

1) Wood: Moving of Yin and Yang - Happiness (VIDEO: Moving of Yin and Yang)
2) Fire: Breathing of the Universe - Joy (VIDEO: Breathing of the Universe)
3) Earth: Connecting Heaven and Earth - Peace (VIDEO: Connecting Heaven and Earth)
4) Metal: Side-to-Side with Heart Hands - Contentment
5) Water: Prayer Hands Bowing - Gratitude

A full "follow-along" video (42 min) with all of the above exercises (VIDEO: Five Element Healing Movements Practice).
An overview of the Five Elements movements is also available (VIDEO: Five Elements overview).

SFQ Level 1 Practice. The following are the names of the seven basic active moving meditation exercises for the SFQ Level 1 Practice. Some links to videos are available below.

1) Beginning of the Universe
2) Forming of Yin and Yang
3) Moving of Yin and Yang (VIDEO: Forming of Yin and Yang + Moving of Yin and Yang)
4) Breathing of the Universe (VIDEO: Breathing of the Universe)
5) Joining of Yin and Yang
6) Harmony of the Universe
7) Seven Steps of New Life