"Energy healing is like defragmenting your hard drive. The scattered pieces of yourself become whole again." — Jennifer Ritchie Payette


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introductory Healing session - 90 min ($110*)

follow up sessions - 60-90 min ($80-110*)

customized healing packages - variable (please enquire)

Appointments can be booked with Randa through online booking or by contacting Sacred Prana. (*Note: rates updated to include GST.)

Introductory Healing Sessions are 90 minutes in length, which applies to in person or distance healing sessions. The Introductory Healing Session includes an intuitive reading, energy balancing treatment (which may include reiki and crystal placement) and advice on how to continue the healing process at home. Follow up sessions will vary (60 to 90 min) dependent upon healing needs.

Customized Healing Packages are personalized to your unique healing journey. Following the Introductory Healing Session, we will discuss the best methodology tailored to creating long-term change for you and your life. This will be a combination of personalized treatment sessions, energy upkeep, and ongoing support. You will not be in this alone - you will have a wellness guide who is deeply invested in your well-being and provides a gentle, calming, and encouraging voice in a trusting, safe environment.



The following form of payment is accepted:
 - Cash, credit card or email money transfer

For Workshops and other events (including the Healing Circle) - please pre-register and pay by email money transfer to sacredprana@gmail.com.