“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” – Albert Szent-Györgyi, MD

Energy medicine (Energy healing) is a powerful alternative and complementary medicine. Energy healing is beneficial for all forms of physical, mental and emotional ailments including: trauma, pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, grief/loss, chronic conditions, illness and disease. Sacred Prana uses a customized combination of energy healing methods to balance and enhance energy in the body, mind and spirit to assist you in reaching peace of mind, optimal health and well being. Learn more about energy systems here.  

Sacred Prana offers the following Services:

1) Introductory Healing Session (90 minutes): This is a combined session where we tune into your unique Energy Story, and get a jump start on your healing. The session will start with an in-depth intuitive reading, which will then guide me on how best to work with you for your healing session. During the healing portion of the session, I will use combined methodology to balance and boost your energy. Also included in the session will be sharing of this information with you and some tips for continued healing at home. I strongly believe that Education is Power, and want you to walk away feeling empowered to continue the healing process.

2) Customized Energy Healing Packages (variable): Are you ready for creating long term change in your life? Are you ready for your transformation? Then this is for you! After your Introductory Healing Session, we will discuss a personalized approach for your healing journey, where I will be there supporting you the whole way. Everyone is unique in their journey and that is why I believe a personalized approach is the best way to succeed in assisting you in achieving your goals.

3) Hands-on Healing Sessions (60-75 minutes): These shorter sessions are best as follow up sessions after your Introductory Healing Session, or if you are looking to try it out. These healing sessions will assist in getting some relief from anxiety and pain, induce relaxation, improve fatigue, strengthen the immune system, eliminate toxins from the body, calm the mind and emotions, aid in concentration and generally accelerate the body's own healing process.

Don’t know which one to choose? For your first session - book in for an Introductory Healing Session. This will get you a JUMP START on your healing journey. Healing is a journey, and is all dependent upon where you are at in life, what your goals are, and how much you want to commit to it. I strongly believe, right through to my core, that we all have the innate ability to heal. I want to help you come back to centre and feel like yourself again! To bring back your energy and your very best self. Trust in yourself, trust in me, and you will be amazed at the transformation.

What to expect 

You need only bring an open mind and a keen interest in healing. Your job is to relax and allow for the healing to occur. You will remain fully clothed, lying on the massage table or seated, depending on your preference. We will discuss the process at the start of your session, but there will be no extensive medical history shared.

If you have a specific concern (ailment, illness, emotional issue), the session may be tailored to that specific concern and we will work on finding the root causes to clear and balance. Some people find relief and notable changes after only one session, other times a series of several continuing treatments is necessary to create shifts.

introductory ENERGY HEALING session

Your introductory energy healing session lasts 90 min and includes:

Deep Insight: “Your Energy Story” An intuitive reading of your chakras and organ energy systems reveals general information about what is happening in your life. Each chakra has different mental, emotional and spiritual characteristics which, in turn, can affect specific areas in your body. This gives me (and you!) information about your personal healing needs, and helps to direct me to which areas need the most attention.

Personalized Healing: The healing portion of the session will be customized based on what was revealed during the reading. I use a variety of gentle, non-invasive techniques to best facilitate healing. I work very intuitively and will only work within the realm of what your body is ready for. During this part you may feel warmth or other sensations and usually become very relaxed. See below for healing techniques that may be used.

Interpretation & Recommendations: When I have completed the energy work, I will discuss with you what was revealed and what energy treatments you received. We will spend some time to ensure you understand and do some grounding exercises together. Advice and recommendations will be given to help you continue with the healing process after the session. 

Follow Up: After the Energy Healing Session, I will follow up with you to see how you are progressing. Healing is an evolving process and for each person the shifts will occur at different rates.

Several options are available to help you continue the healing process:

Personalized Spirit Guide: This is strongly recommended to help you on your healing journey. The personalized Spirit Guide is a written summary of what was revealed during the Energy Healing Session. This will include information on the intuitive reading, interpretation and recommendations. A detailed description of the recommended exercises and advice for you to continue along your healing path will be included so you can continue with these at home. This Guide can be referred to anytime you need, and will help you see the progress you are making.

Customized Energy Healing Package: During and after the Energy Healing Session your body's energy balance will have adjusted. Your body will only shift within the realm of what it is ready for. We will discuss your personal healing progress and a tailored plan for your healing transformation.

healing techniques

I have a number of different methods that I am trained in and use for healing. All of which have the same goal of shifting your energy back into balance. Since each person is unique, I will use a combination of these, dependent upon your unique healing needs. Here is a little summary of some of the methods I may choose to use with you:

Integrative Chakra Therapy: Hands-off methodologies used to balance the chakras, remove energy drains (attachments), align the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual realms, repair the subtle energy body (the aura), and clear emotional (or other) trauma. All of these methods work as in-depth energy clearing and balancing for deep healing.

Reiki: A gentle hands-on treatment where Ki (Chi/Prana) is activated through the practitioner's hands to your body. A sequence of hand positions on the head, torso, hips, knees and feet will be followed.  Reiki healing energy removes obstructions to your natural state of health by releasing energetic constrictions in the body’s meridians and restoring energy to depleted areas. This form of complementary therapy helps to reduce anxiety and pain, induce relaxation, improve fatigue, strengthen the immune system, eliminate toxins from the body, calm the mind and emotions, aid in concentration and generally accelerate the body's own healing process. The first session usually brings improvement, and the benefits grow with repeated sessions. There is no body manipulation.

Crystal Therapy: Crystals are amazing facilitators to healing as each is naturally programmed to assist in aligning the body with higher states of vibration and healing. Since each crystal (and it’s mineral make up) are unique in their properties, a personalized set of crystals and placement over and around the body are uniquely chosen for each client, and may vary at subsequent sessions, as your healing progresses.

Qigong: One of the four cornerstones of Traditional Chinese Medicine, based on the energetics of the organ systems. Qigong healing methods are hands-off techniques used to clear and balance the energy in the organ systems that are out of balance. For more information on Qigong, click here.