“Clear out the old to make space for the new."

Release stagnant energy and invoke joy and vitality in living spaces. If you have moved into a new space (home or office), someone has recently moved in or out of your living space, or there is remnant energy in your personal space that just doesn't feel right, it is time for your space to be cleared.

At times, your space can get contaminated by residual energy from negative events and emotions. This can affect interpersonal relationships, your health and your ability to create or manifest the things you want. Clutter is a disruptive energy that blocks the flow of energy in a space. As well,  some spaces have unwanted visitors like wayward spirits that can make children and sensitive people very uncomfortable. I offer up an in depth energetic clearing of your space from the ground up that will lift and transmute negative influences, clear out old stagnant energy and allow for unwanted visitors to move out of your space. Taking it a step further, we can program spaces for positive conditions like creativity, love, happiness, success and good health.

It can be difficult to objectively go through and fully clear the unwanted energies of a home on your own. For this reason many people choose to hire someone to come in with a clear mind and complete the task. It is encouraged for you to be present during this time so that we can initiate and close the ceremony together. 


House clearing 

This space clearing will include a combination of smudging, the use of crystals, candles and sound bowls. The average 1,000 sq ft home from bottom to top will take an hour to clear. Clearing of your person and any others residing in the home may done during the same visit.

Your investment: $100.00 per hour within the town of Golden. Outside of town a travel fee of $60 per hour applies (pro-rated).

* Please contact Randa directly to discuss your specific situation as additional time may be required on site dependent upon the size of your space. Houses that have had emotional drama/trauma, clutter, antiques or second hand furniture may require more time to clear.


home energizing

Does your home or personal space need to be energized to assist you in manifesting your goals? After your home or personal space has been cleared and reset, it is time to set your intentions into the space. Setting up a grid in an appropriate location within your home, or gridding the home itself is an optimal way to manifest success, love, peace, harmony, and health.

This service is an add-on or can be provided separately if you choose to do the house clearing on your own. It includes one personally tailored crystal grid set up within your home or personal space, or gridding of the whole home using specifically chosen healing crystals. These will be placed on your grid or within the home permanently to attract the energy you need into the space and protect it from negative influences.

Your investment: $100.00 within the town of Golden. Outside of the town a travel fee of $60 per hour applies (pro-rated).

* Please contact Randa directly to discuss your specific situation and your goals to assist in development of the personalized crystal grid. Additional time may be required depending on the size of your space. Price includes development and activation of the crystal grid. It does not include the cost of the crystals themselves. Crystals vary in price depending upon their availability and properties. The more rare the crystals, the more expensive they can be. We would advise you of our recommendations and cost out the supplies and write up a proposal for you and you would ultimately decide how much you would like to spend on crystals and what kind you would like to use. You may use your own crystals if they are appropriate for the functionality