I was amazed by Randa’s ability to read my energy in the body parts she focused on during my energy healing session with her. She was able to express what she observed with me in easy-to-understand terms. Randa has a special gift for energy healing.
— Sanne (in person)
Randa is truly gifted and has provided me with great insight in a loving way with great compassion. It astounds me that such gentle healing has made profound changes in my life. Thank you!
— Celeste (in person and distance)
My experience with the healing session has given me some of the most valuable information I have ever received about myself. It is fascinating that someone, without knowing anything about your past or present can analyze your spiritual centers and receive information. I have felt an instability within myself for 14 years since my father’s passing. The first thing the session uncovered was that my root chakra needs attention. The most astounding thing was that she saw a demon residing there that I confronted in a dream after my father’s passing; it haunted me for years and I thought I had let it go. She set it free and sent healing energy there. I haven’t slept this well in years since the treatment and felt so at peace within myself. In addition to this she uncovered a disconnect between my sacral and throat chakra which symbolizes my suppressed desire to fully express myself and follow my dreams.

With guidance we all have the ability to become whole and heal our spiritual selves.
— Mike (in person)