Workshops and Events 2019

Want to join in on a monthly women’s gathering to nurture, strengthen and grow? Interested in learning about how emotions are stored in the body and how to clear them for deep healing? Want to immerse yourself in a thorough chakra balancing series using movement, crystal sound bowls and meditation? Check out the workshops and monthly events offered here for 2019. Offerings in Golden and Revelstoke, BC and Canmore, AB.

root to crown - chakra balancing series (GOLDEN)-may/june 2019

Get ready to Immerse yourself and balance the whole body and your energy systems with this 4-week Chakra Activation and Balancing Series!

A shorter version of our 8-week series.

Each class will include: chakra elements, gentle yoga (asana) and qigong movements, crystal meditation, and a crystal sound bowl experience. This series is open to beginners to experienced alike. (No need for yoga/qigong/meditation experience or chakra knowledge.)

the healing circle (Golden) - monthly

A monthly gathering for women in Golden. A sacred space for women to join together to release, nurture, strengthen and grow. Using ancient healing wisdom and tools, working with the moon cycles and seasonal energetic shifts.

The Circle is intended to be experiential in order to bring about powerful transformation, healing and awaken us evermore into who we are and why we are alive. Open to all women - honour yourself!

Qigong & chanting: Healing with Sound (golden)- Nov/Dec 2019

Experience the next level of healing by adding the wisdom of sound to Qigong. The core elements of Qigong are: Breath, Visualization, Movement and Sound. In this class series we will explore the sound aspect by way of chanting.

Walk away feeling rejuvenated with a full qigong practice and group chanting experience. Come out to experience it for yourself and learn the healing qigong chants specific to your body and your healing path.



Qigong and Chanting class series.
The Crystal Series: Specialized workshops on how best to choose and use crystals for meditation, healing and manifestation.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Minor Brain injury and concussion support

It is the intention of this website, and Sacred Prana in general, to offer support and community for those in need of healing. The hope is that this online space will grow to include a forum for people dealing with minor brain injuries and concussions. If you have interest in participating, please get in touch or sign up for email updates.